Nandi – Malaysian Loose Curl

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7a loose curl texture great for summers wash and go styles, crown braid or just sitting poolside.

With a name that means “The Sweet One”, Queen Nandi led a very turbulent life. After becoming pregnant out of wedlock, Nandi was criticized and ridiculed by many.  She was left to raise her children as a single mother. Undeterred by those who said her son (Shaka) would never be King, Nandi raised him to be one of the most renowned Kings of the Zulu Nation. She has been referred to as one of the greatest single mothers to live. King Shaka had such love and respect for his mother that she maintained great political influence during his reign. Her endless dedication to her children was her crowning achievement. Refusing to silenced and brushed under the rug; she exhibited great perseverance and determination. It’s safe to say she put all the haters to rest.