About Us


A queen is what every woman strives to be, and the ultimate goal is to embody the definition of “Queenin’”. As women, we demand power, respect, love, and BEAUTY; and what makes us feel more beautiful than our hair? The power is in the crown! This is exactly what IAmQueen LLC the beauty brand strives to embody through their various products and services.


So who is IAmQueen? What do we do? Well IAmQueen is all about hair education, and black girl magic through women empowerment. Everything about our brand inspires all women to embrace the characteristics and traits of known Queens throughout history combined with their own personalities to become the best version of themselves. Our goal is to help women understand how to love everything about themselves even their naturally kinky curly big hair! There are many fascist to this beauty brand such as intercative hair education classes like “The Natural You”, Hair Care Accessories, Apparel, and Textured Extensions just to name a few.


IAmQueen also offers four hair education classes such as the highly sought after one “The Natural You”. Which are all interactive classes designed to help others learn their hair texture, natural hair care and extension maintenance, all while learning to embrace your coils and curls. We also provide hair tip tutorials via our YouTube page where you can watch the Owner cover all thing hair such as breakdown myths in hair care or show techniques on detangling.