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Master your texture at IAmQueen!

texture at your own pace!

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QueenAstoria of IAmQueen
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Queen Astoria's Crown for IAmQueen

Need hair growth tips?

Get your FREE download the Key 2 Healthy Curls guide!  Learn the 7 things you should do to grow long, healthy natural hair.

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Master Stylist, Queen Astoria of IAmQueen!
Queen Astoria's Crown for IAmQueen

This is your chance to make a change!  As a barber stylist, you barely learn about textured hair while obtaining your license.  If you don't serve that market--where how will you ever learn?  It only takes one client with [natural] hair to need your services, so make the change and learn with us!  These classes were created to assist you on your journey of learning more about natural hair, styles, and more.

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Disclaimer: Thers classes currently are not registered for any educational units.  We are in the process of becoming certified to use our classes as credentialed experiences for barber stylists.

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Learn about IAmQueen!

IAmQueen, LLC has morphed into a beauty brand that’s all about hair education for naturals and salon professionals and educators, providing great hair styling products, young girls and women empowerment. Everything about the IAmQueen brand inspires all females to embrace the characteristics and traits of known Queens combined with their own personalities to become the best version of themselves. The top priority of IAmQueen is teaching "Hair Education". Our goal is to help women understand how to love everything about themselves even their naturally kinky curly big hair! "We believe that Hair Is Hair—" no matter the skin pigment.


Astoria Stubbs, is a proud HBCU alumna and experienced Hairstylist/Educator of 10+ years, who drew her inspiration for the company from her mother whose name is Queen. She feels empowered to have been raised by a woman who embodied the ideals of a true queen and wants to empower other women to feel that same way.

The Queen Astoria for IAmQueen
Queen Astoria's Crown for IAmQueen

 Currently, the "Queen" is a Design Team Master in the Houston market where she has been featured on many different new stations for Great Clips such as FOX 26 and NBC.  She has also been promoted to the Industry Relations Coordinator for the Houston Market where she coordinated school visits, activities, and give backs while building relationships with cosmetology programs and through the advancement of IAmQueen.  

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